March 8th, 10:15am

Android’s quest for world dominance is quickly becoming a reality. Over the past few months, we’ve seen several well-know Apple enthusiasts, or “fanboys”, make the switch to Android. Guy Kawasaki, who was once an Apple employe, recently made the switch to Android and is even now a consultant for Motorola. Social media extraordinaire Robert Scoble has also recently made the jump, saying “I am no longer an Apple fanboy” in a post on Google . This week, Chicago Sun-Times reporter Andy Ihnatko is making the switch to Google’s mobile operating system. Ihnatko has loudly voiced praise for Apple for years now, giving every iPhone a glowing review, but now, he will start using a Galaxy S III full-time. “My positive reviews of new iPhones and new editions of iOS have always been sincere… Sometimes they’ve been downright florid,” he says. “I’ve been so enthusiastic that I’ve often been accused of saying those things because I’m an Apple fanboy.”