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The deaths kept piling up. People—men and women—were falling, or perhaps jumping, off trains and out of windows; asphyxiating in country houses with faulty wood stoves or in apartments with jammed front-door locks; getting hit by cars that sped through quiet courtyards or plowed down groups of people on a sidewalk; drowning as a result of diving drunk into a lake or ignoring sea-storm warnings or for no apparent reason; poisoning themselves with too much alcohol, counterfeit alcohol, alcohol substitutes, or drugs; and, finally, dropping dead at absurdly early ages from heart attacks and strokes.

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The Response


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Encourage healthy snacking habits by inserting some finely ground flaxseed near the entrance of your uterus
Write a birth plan that you will immediately throw out once the real pain begins
Your husband can be a great source of support on everything except the litany of physical ailments that he has no possible way of understanding
Run three to four miles per day until your water breaks
Yoga class can be a great way to reduce stress while reminding you of what you looked like before all of this
Avoid things that can harm your baby, such as career ambitions, thoughts of furthering your education, and any personal hobbies or interests that once gave you a sense of identity
If you have difficulty conceiving, don’t despair. That’s simply your body’s way of telling you to continue enjoying life for a little while longer

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Many nutritionists and health authorities have “actively advised against” low-carbohydrate diets, said the lead author of the new study, Dr. Lydia A. Bazzano of the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. “It’s been thought that your saturated fat is, of course, going to increase, and then your cholesterol is going to go up,” she said. “And then bad things will happen in general.” The new study showed that was not the case. By the end of the yearlong trial, people in the low-carbohydrate group had lost about eight pounds more on average than those in the low-fat group. They had significantly greater reductions in body fat than the low-fat group, and improvements in lean muscle mass — even though neither group changed their levels of physical activity.

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what about mouthwash