March 31st, 9:24pm 1 note
March 31st, 9:14am
March 30th, 12:14pm

Deputy, should I have been here in the first place?” “No” It was almost too good to hear. “Then why did I end up here?” “You have to consider the source.” This phrase I remember verbatim. “How do you mean?” “I mean, there are a lot of young cops on the street, trying to make a name for themselves.

March 30th, 12:06pm

Officer Kaur pulled me up so that I was in a sitting position, and then stepped onto my handcuffed hands, grinding them into the pavement. I was so suddenly transported to a distant reality, that I was still coming to terms with its operating principles. “Is this protocol?” I inquired and instinctively wriggled my hands from under her boots. Officer Kaur had full control of me physically. Again, she stomped her boots on my hands, demanded that I “keep [my] hands on the ground,” pushed me back face down, and walked away.

March 29th, 2:48pm 1 note

At bedtime, parents often neglect to properly wrap up their newborn infant in enough aluminum foil.

March 28th, 2:28pm

I experienced a sense of numbness on Jasmin‘s set — as I would on many others — that I can only compare to accounts I have read of combat. It was the sense of being in a group of people deliberately and methodically engaged in acts of insanity. Unlike in combat, I was not overwhelmed by the horror of it, but by the grand-scale stupidity, which crystallized that day as I stood by the craft-services cart. Boiled hot dogs on cold, white buns were being dispensed. A man next to me politely passed the mustard. The bottle was sticky with K-Y Jelly. I never attempted to eat on a porn shoot again.

March 27th, 1:15pm 1 note

Autism linked to second-trimester fetal brain development — Scientists found differences in the brain structures of kids with autism compared to kids who don’t have autism. Those specific structures form during the second trimester of pregnancy, suggesting that autism is something that is present long before birth.

March 27th, 1:14pm 2 notes

Hurled like a dead childhood pet into the uncanny valley’s nastiest toilet.