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Sascha had a comfortable childhood, and last year he decided to give back, starting by giving back to himself. In his apartment alone, he saw the lack of a SodaStream in his kitchen, a last-generation Droid, and a flatscreen TV in dire need of a PS4. Instead of just hoping these things would happen, Sascha took charge and raised over a thousand dollars from his parents to buy these things for himself. “You always hear that one person can’t make a difference,” said Sascha, “but I’ve seen marked improvements in my own life, after only a little while.”

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For those of you unwilling to go through 18 years of comic archives,3 here’s the short version: every company in the computer industry behaves like a sociopath. They will do good things for you for as long as there’s profit in it, but as soon as it reaches the point where they don’t have to, they immediately flip to abusing you, relentlessly, all the while telling you there’s nothing they can do about it, and it’s probably all your fault.4

August 12th, 5:28pm

Which is what they’re trying to do: make no mistake: Amazon wants to be the next monopoly. They want it all. They’re convinced they can do it the best (and so far they can) and the prize of doing it the best is to Get All The Money. If you think monopolies are OK then this entire argument will mean nothing to you. My bias is that monopolies only work when they are heavily regulated, and even then it’s debatable.

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We made up the New York office of a conservative media company based in the South. In hindsight, the politics seem both hyper-specific and nebulous; the one constant is that they orbited around white-hot outrage and fear. This was not obvious to me when I replied to the “Digital Reporter” listing. I’d been in the business for a few years by then, writing candidly about art and music and related topics, and my track record wasn’t hard to come by: it would have been clear to anyone checking that I stood on the liberal side of things. But the earnest man conducting my interview assured me that my politics had nothing to do with the scope of the work I’d be doing. For the most part, he was correct. We’re all actors on the internet, right?

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“We try to negotiate, and again, that is a valid charge,” she answers. “But since I advised my manager that there is a recording and you were misinformed, then she’s the one who can approve that $82.”

Seemingly flabbergasted, Davis asks to confirm, “You’re telling me that if I didn’t have a recording of that call, you wouldn’t have been able to do it?”


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In sum and once again: Amazon is not your friend. Neither is any other corporation. It and they do what they do for their own interest and are more than willing to try to make you try believe that what they do for their own benefit is in fact for yours. It’s not. In this particular case, this is not about readers or authors or anyone else but Amazon wanting eBooks capped at $9.99 for its own purposes. It should stop pretending that this is about anything other than that. Readers, authors, and everyone else should stop pretending it’s about anything other than that, too.